La Conca d'Oro

La Conca d'Oro

The estate is plunged in the lanscape of the hills of Piacenza, near the touristic and nice villages of Grazzano Visconti and Ponte Dell'Olio. It's possible to walk in the green, sunny landscape, among fields, lawns, vineyards and chestnut woods, listening to the different twitterings of birds, walk along the rows of vineyards, lively witnesses of the peasant ancient traditions. You can stop and rest watching geese, ducks and herons or wander about where the animals live. You can study the track of animals as foxes, boars and badgers too.

It's very important for the schools too, because here there are:

- witnesses of the ancient peasant ways of life

- courses of street code

- agriculture observation: you can observe the different phases of growing of the sunflower, vegetables, lucerne and know all the operations and tools used to grow up all the products.

La Conca d'Oro

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