La Conca d'Oro

La Conca d'Oro

The Teaching Farms are real farms that give hospitality to schools and groups of people interested in the direct communication between farmers and citizens. We can't forget that nowadays it's the industry that runs both the transformation of the agricultural products into food and the communication with the final consumers.

The Teaching Farms are in a certain way a link between city and country, an instrument of direct communication between farmers and citizens. They let the new generations know the animals' lives, the origins of the products that we daily eat at home.It's a mean for young people to discover the social and economical importance of a job, often undervalued.

An educational project by farmers interested in this kind of collaboration gave birth to the Teaching Farms, with a multifunctional concept.

They represent an occasion of acting together for the world of school and the working one, they're an active involving of the children through laboratories and direct practical experiences.

It has a strong social-cultural value, because the farms become real central links of environmental education both for school and families.

The visits to the farms are precious occasions for learning and growth.


  • to give value to the relationship city-country

  • to give birth to an interest in the discovering of the environment and in the agricultural life

  • to promote the recovery of the cultural and environmental value of our own land

  • to give value to the importance and the social role of agriculture

  • to know plants, trees and animals of the farm

  • to create a favourable climate for the respect of the environment and the rhythm of nature

  • to know the origin of food and its way from the field to the table

  • to accustom people to a conscious consume, through the comprehension of the relationship existing among systems of production, food and the safeguard of the environment.

La Conca d'Oro

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